“having a foot doesn´t mean you know how to walk”

Installation & projection by Linda Franke



[..] Organicism is a myth. Our bodies are never ourselves, our words and texts are never really our own.

They arent´t us, but the forces which crush us, the norms to which we have been subjected.

It´s a relief to realize that culture is after all empty, that its imposing edifices are sound stage facades,

that bodies are extremely plastic, that facial expressions are masks, that words in fact have nothing to express.

Bodies and words are nothing but exchange value: commodities or money.[…]

All we can do is appropriate them and waste them: spend what we haven´t earned and don´t even possess.

So don´t be a good citizen. Don´t produce, expend. Be a parasite. Live off your Visa Card, or scavenge in the debris.[…]

( quote from Steven Shaviro, taken from the book „“Posthuman Bodies“, 1995 Indianan University Press,

edited by Judith Halberstam and Ira Livingston )