Semantic Saturation

Antonio Sobral (BR)

Coletivo Bijari & Carolina Caycedo (BR-CO)

Felipe Salem (BR)

Luciano Lincoln (BR)

Marcos Brias (BR)

Maurício Iânes (BR)

Natalia Magdalena (BR)

Thiago Parizi (BR)

Semantic Saturation precises the condition in which a word, when repeated to exhaustion, distances itself from its meaning. Normally is said that the repetition of a word makes it “loose its meaning”, but its meaning is not lost, it shifts. When repeated numerous times a word has its signified transformed by its signifier, dissolving itself in its shape and condensing itself into a new configuration. In this sense, the iteration of the signifier works as a device through which the signified is decontextualized and re-contextualized.

This estate of affairs is not restricted to the scope of language. Images, audio, objects, actions and other elements also dialogue with this re-signification by excess. Hence, just as Bill Murray’s character in the movie “Groundhog Day” (1993), this exhibition and the works in it, are trapped into an endless loop that allows them to perpetrate every sort of action, from the most hedonistic to the most pragmatical, attaining, through and (extra)ordinary mantra, a reconfiguration of its own meaning.


Curated by Fernando Henrique and Thiago Parizi