How The Fuck Did I End Up Here

Alma Alloro und Jennifer Chan

Malte Bartsch 

Valeria Drotskaja 

Linda Franke

Flaka Haliti 

Johannes Makolies 

Thiago Parizi 

David Schröder

Magnus Sönning 


“How The Fuck Did I End Up Here” describes the post adolescent state of melancholia: the feeling of being lost while actually being very focused. And the state right before the age of having to define who you are and how what you do is who you are. The first retrospective in a state of flux: the exhilarating force of moving on in the world/a mission, a fear of loss in between random try and error success. The fear of revealing too much but wanting to participate, to be meaningful. Rehearsing success and foreshadowing what will be lost. Overwhelming nostalgia vs. knowing everything is always getting better.

Die Ausstellung liefert einen Ausblick in das Programm von Studio Nihil Baxter 2014 und folgt der Reihe How the Fuck Did I End Up Here (gleichnamig 2012 in Dresden // + S T O R E + Ginerva Gambino, und considerables in Düsseldorf // Ginerva Gambino + S T O R E + einfahrt)

und verstetigt das zugleich melancholisch zukunftsgewandte Programm in Berlin zusammen mit kikimikeoderduke. (see for more: ginerva gambino / , S T O R E /, kikimikoderduke /