Pizza Voyeur


Ma Ce Ca

Paul Barsch


Ma Ce Ca and Paul Barsch met in Marseille, France in early 2013, while hanging out in the city.
For “Pizza Voyeur” Ma Ce Ca will create a series of large wall pieces to which Paul Barsch will react.

Ma Ce Ca is a visual artist and “italy´s king of minimalist graffiti”.
Although his work is rooted in graffiti and street art it is more connected to Minimal Art.
The straight simplicity and accuracy of his site specific wall pieces often contrast the harsh
environment in which they are placed – abandoned factories and trashed industrial buildings
of the FIAT era. Lately Ma Ce Ca´s work got a lot attention in the online realm and blogosphere.
Ma Ce Ca lives and works in Turino, Italy.

Paul Barsch is a conceptual artist working across media with culturally charged material.
His work builds on research, strong experimentation and the rather speculative generation of
content and relations. Most of his projects lead into site specific installations, objects,
videos and other forms of visualization, both in the physical and the digital space.
Paul Barsch lives and works in Berlin and Dresden.